Dance Classes

The LGA follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Classical Ballet syllabus and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabus, in a safe and friendly environment.

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Baby and Nursery Ballet

Our baby ballet and nursery ballet classes are designed for two-and-a-half to four year olds and are a great fun fairytale introduction to ballet and dance movement.

These classes prepare children for ballet and other dance genres at higher levels incorporating listening, co-ordination and social skills. Through carefully structured dance classes to music they also develop physical skills, rhythm, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of movement and musical styles introducing basic ballet technique and mime. Pupils learn through an imaginative setting by telling a story through their dancing. The classes are further enhanced by the use of props such as musical instruments, pom-poms, flags and floor markers to help the children to interact, build their confidence and most importantly have lots fun!

These ballet classes are often combined with a 15-minute introduction to tap where the children love to make a noise in their tap shoes whilst learning basic tap steps and routines. Set to catchy songs, these classes are upbeat and lots of fun.

Ballet Syllabus classes

Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance and therefore every pupil at The LGA takes at least one ballet class per week. We offer ballet classes following the Royal Academy of Dance Graded syllabus with emphasis on, posture, body awareness, co-ordination, control, discipline and focus while having fun and leaning in a group. Commencing at four and a half years old in Pre-Primary in Dance students can work progressively through the grades to Grade 8. Within this syllabus students also learn free movement (influenced by and incorporating movement in common with natural movement and contemporary and classical Greek) and character dance (the theatrical presentation of national dance often seen within classical ballets). The three styles, Hungarian, Russian and Polish, were selected due to their importance in the development of classical ballet.

For those students who wish to further their dance training we will also be offering vocational graded syllabus classes, which offers a more in depth study of ballet, developing students technique, artistry and musicality. Pointe work is introduced for female students from Grade 4+ by invitation only.


Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on the West End stage in musicals and is an invaluable skill in enhancing students rhythm and musicality, whilst also developing their fine motor skills, co-ordination and control. It is also one of the most stylish, enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance, that can be enjoyed by everyone, inexperienced or experienced, young or old.

We offer tap classes to children and adults, both beginners and more advanced following the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Tap dance encourages students to be creative with rhythm and movement.


Modern Theatre dance is a highly energetic rhythmic dance style often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities, developing expression, strength and flexibility. This style is syllabus based following the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns.


Our ISTD Jazz classes include syllabus and free work and pupils are also trained and entered for their ISTD Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in Jazz (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).

Jazz classes are ideal as an additional genre to complement and enhance pupils' Modern and Ballet classes.


Our Contemporary classes are extremely versatile, giving children the chance to learn to tell a story through dance as well as self-expression through music, movement and improvisation. This dance form can be matched to almost any style of music, or merged with other dance genres to create new styles of movement. These classes incorporate elements of both Classical Ballet and Modern Dance, yet allows for a greater range of movement and creativity to be seen such as floor work, balletic movements and turn-in of the legs. Children have fun in these classes through working in groups and improving flexibility. This class is a good compliment toany ballet class offered at The LGA providing additional technique and support.

Musical Theatre/Song and Dance

In these classes our pupils learn their favourite songs from the popular West End musicals incorporating the dance routines and acting elements to perform them to. Pupils will develop skills in breathing, pitch, tone, harmony, voice projection, concentration and memory skills. This class builds on self confidence and working towards group performances, as well as introducing real love for the stage, theatre and performing. In fun group classes pupils work together, in pairs and on their own to build on their theatre skills, through games, role play and invention to interpret and develop characterisations and scenes.

Street Dance

Mini Street Dance

Fun and energetic, this structured dance class is designed to develop co-ordination, introduce technique, musical and social skills and build confidence in a friendly and welcoming environment. Aimed at pupils aged 3-6 years, pupils learn Street Dance styles to the latest tunes, a great way to introduce children to dance! This class provides a good foundation for future Modern Theatre and Jazz dance classes, preparing for turning, leaps and isolation movements and is ideal for boys and girls with bags of energy! Once old enough to move up to our Junior Street Dance class our Minis receive a special badge as a keepsake to remind them of their achievement in this class.

Associate Ballet Classes

Pupils who show great potential, enthusiasm, commitment and facility in their graded Ballet class are invited to one of our Associate class programmes. At the LGA we recognise the value and importance of identifying and enhancing pupils potential. Technique will be taught to a higher level and performance work is improved through free work dance exercises. Pupils continue to study in their regular graded class in addition to their free work class. These classes will aim to assist students in developing their posture, strength, co-ordination and dance vocabulary. During the pupils’ continued programme of study, Associate pupils will be given the opportunity to attend various auditions as well as participate in dance workshops around London.

Private Lessons

At The LGA we offer one-to-one coaching lessons to pupils in all genres of dance to develop confidence and improve technique. These classes can be used to supplement and support the work in pupils’ regular graded classes through syllabus and non-syllabus work. Private lessons assist with preparations for examinations, studying a new syllabus or generally enhancing the pupils’ personal skills and development. The option to have a shared private lesson is also considered.

Our Testimonials


The standard of teaching, care and attention our kids get at the Lisa Gilbert Academy is wonderful and really professional. The teachers are absolutely dedicated and high standards are achieved whilst imparting the pure joy of dance and getting young people dancing.

D Raedeker

It’s such a pleasure to see our daughter and her friends getting excited every week when it’s ballet day. Since the age of 2 she has been attending ballet classes at The LGA and has always loved it. 

J Johnston

Miss Gilbert has created a very warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere in the class and Eilidh felt very happy.

J Pocock

I thought ballet would be a confidence-booster for my daughter who is very shy. And from the very first class my daughter attended at the Lisa Gilbert Academy, I have watched her blossom. Miss Gilbert has a very special touch when it comes to teaching children. 

N Yiakoumaki

The Lisa Gilbert Academy of Ballet is a wonderful school for children to discover and develop their talents. Not only a place that inspires them to love ballet, music and dance but also a place where they feel safe, happy and grow to become confident.

E Jebari

Thank you very much for making my children happy at ballet and tap classes. And most of all thank you so much for making the classes affordable to low income lone parents like myself. Very much appreciated.